08 January 2020
PeerBerry ranks No 2 among P2P platforms in continental Europe

According to the loans funded in December 2019, PeerBerry ranks among best p2p platforms in continental Europe. The total loan volume originated at PeerBerry in December 2019 amounts 17 325 054 Eur. The number of loans originated in December 2019 was 91 828. The total amount of funded loans since the beginning of PeerBerry activity till the end of December 2019 was 191 906 447 Eur.

The platform began this year with more than 17 000 investors. Per last year the number of PeerBerry investors grew up by 4 times. All investors at PeerBerry are enjoying the profits since the beginning of platform activity. Every day about 3000 new loans are listed on PeerBerry for you to invest. If you want to make your money grow and earn up to 13,7% annual return on investment – invest on PeerBerry.