30 December 2020
Aventus Group: Thank you for contributing to our business during this exceptional year

Dear partners, investors,

This challenging but very interesting in all respects year 2020 is ending. And I want to thank you for your partnership, for your trust, and your contribution to our business during this exceptional year.

I will not talk about all the difficulties we’ve had to go through. I think everyone is fed up with the topic of difficulties already. Our strength lies in seeing the bright side in every situation.

Let’s look at the opportunities we have turned into our achievements this year:

  • this year, we have become one of the largest players in the non-banking financing sector in Europe. Our largest asset, our team, grew up from 600 to 1200 employees this year. When most companies laid off their employees, we recruited them;
  • we have reached new milestones in lending volumes. In December alone, we issued almost 400 000 credit units;
  • the year 2020 also became the most profitable year with the highest turnover in the history of the Aventus Group;
  • we did not stop helping children struggling with serious illnesses. In the countries we are operating in, we donated about 200 000 EUR for the charity this year;
  • in 2020, we launched a new global real estate development project, which will open a new page for Aventus Group development in several countries.

I could continue the list of our achievements in 2020, but this is not the main thing. The main thing is that we have proved again that the most important is not to lose the heart in everything you do. Even in the most difficult situations. Not to lose faith in success. Not to give up even facing the biggest challenges. And always do as my favorite politician, W. Churchill, said – “Never give up! Never give in! Never, never, never, never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty.” I think the results of Aventus Group is a good reflection of these golden words.

Thanks again for your trust, our dear investors. And I wish you an amazing 2021.

Sincerely yours

Andrejus Trofimovas

CEO of Aventus Group