23 January 2020
Aventus Group posted a net profit of 12,6 million Eur in 2019

Aventus Group achieved solid financial performance in 2019. According to preliminary data, a net profit of the Group estimated at 12,6 million Eur last year – 3,2 times more than in 2018.

At the end of 2019, the equity of the Group stood at 14,3 million Eur.

The total loan portfolio of the Group at the end of 2019 amounted 58,82 million Eur. The principal of the net portfolio amounted 37,4 million Eur.

According to all business parameters Aventus Group grew up by almost three times last year in comparison with 2018. Business review 2019 of Aventus Group can be found here.

The key of stability – measured business expansion and risk management

“Our main performance indicators consistently grew up over the year 2019 and the growth in profits was positively impacted by expanded business activities and increased lending volumes” – says Raimundas Lukoševičius, CFO of Aventus Group.

“Aventus Group business is based on responsible lending. Professional risk management has led that we have a relatively low rate of late customer payments on the Group level” – explains R. Lukoševičius.

“We are in partnership with P2P alternative investment platform PeerBerry, so we take into account the responsibility for our investors money as well. Today we can say with certainty that the equity of the Group is fully sufficient to cover all the liabilities of the Group” – declares CFO of Aventus Group.

Raimundas Lukoševičius, CFO of Aventus Group

Financial statements of Aventus Group companies

Aventus Group operates in 12 countries: Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Czech Republic, Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam, Philippines and Sri Lanka. Loans, issued by 17 Aventus Group companies, currently are being listed on PeerBerry platform.

“We started the process of preparation the financial statements of each Aventus Group company. This is a quite long process, as each country applies different regulations and tax system. We plan to have financial statements of the year 2019 ready till the end of I H of 2020” – says R. Lukoševičius.

About Aventus Group

Aventus Group is the main PeerBerry partner. The majority of loan originators at PeerBerry platform are companies which work under Aventus Group name. The share of Aventus Group loans at PeerBerry accounts for 80% of total loans in the platform.

By combining client-centric approach, risk management and innovations Aventus Group makes borrowing faster, easier and hustle-free in countries where traditional financing tools are either expensive or hard to come by. Profitably operating for more than 10 years, the Group is seeking to develop business in European and Asian markets by increasing market share, introducing new products and expanding geographically.