28 October 2021
Aventus Development offers to invest in the construction of modern business center in Kyiv, Ukraine | 9% ROI

Aventus Group real estate developer Aventus Development begins the construction of a modern business center in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. 9% ROI is offered for investors for the contribution to the construction of this business center. Aventus Development real estate loans, offered to PeerBerry investors, are double secured – backed by a buyback guarantee and a Group guarantee. The term of investment is 360 days.

The real estate project developed by Aventus Group companies is being offered for the PeerBerry investors for the first time.

The business center is being built in a prestigious location in the Ukrainian capital, in the center of Kyiv, with an attractive panorama of the Dnieper River. Next to the business center is one of the main streets of Kyiv, connecting the central part of the capital city, the Old Town, and the northern prestigious district of Kyiv – Obolonskyi.

Project details:

The loan originator of the business centner in Kyiv is Aventus Group company Aldega LLC. The borrower is Lithome Group Ukraine LLC.

  • Collateral: Pledge of all Lithome Group Ukraine LLC rights on present and future contracts and receivables
  • Loan to value (LTV): 69%
  • Appraiser valuation: EUR 1 460 000, Arxekspertus LLC, 2021-10-18
  • Car parking places: 58
  • Total area for sale: 5 300 sq.m.
  • Total investment: EUR 7 000 000
  • Investment into the land plot: EUR 650 000
  • Investment into construction: EUR 6 350 000
  • Invested private capital (Lithome Group Ukraine, LLC): EUR 950 000
  • Need for funding: EUR 1 000 000
  • The end of construction: Q3 2023

About Aventus Development

Aventus Development is a part of the international group of companies Aventus Group. Aventus Development unites several real estate companies in Ukraine. At Aventus Development work professionals in their field who have long-term experience in real estate development, construction business, and infrastructure development. The knowledge, skills, and intellectual capital of our people ensure we are best in what we do.

The mission of Aventus Development is to create, develop, and build modern and cozy apartments and offices for both families and businesses. The Aventus Development aims to become the highest quality real estate development leader in the markets, in which the company develops real estate projects.

In various locations, Aventus Group companies own real estate worth more than EUR 30 million.