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Best performing marketplace to invest in loans with up to 11,5% ROI.
Benefits you get
Buyback guarantee
All loans come with buyback guarantee so the Loan originator will buy back loans in full with accrued interest, if a borrower is over 60 days late.
Group guarantee
Group guarantee together with buyback guarantee works as a double protection for your investments.
Diversify your investment
Divide your funds up across the various loan categories like secured by real estate, leasing, and other types of loans.
Enjoy loyalty rewards
Receive up to a 1% loyalty reward depending on the amount of your investments.
Maintain full control
Our clever yet simple Auto Invest will do the work for you. Unless, of course, you prefer investing manually which is also very easy with us.
Start with as little as 10 €
We want to bring passive income to everybody so you can start by investing as little as 10 €.
PeerBerry in numbers
33 733 423
Interest paid to investors, €
2 669 521 505
Total invested, €
86 049
Number of investors
Average annual investment return
PeerBerry app
Invest in loans easy
Our app provides full functionality, allowing you to filter loans you want to invest in. Create an Auto Invest strategy, choose a predefined strategy or invest manuall.
Track your investments
Get notifications, monitor the status of loans, and track the dynamics of your profits. See your portfolio distribution by loan type, lenders, and countries.
Manage your portfolio
Through our app, you can check your account summary, add funds, make withdrawals, and generate transaction reports or tax statements.