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Highly credible P2P investment platform in Europe. Very easy to invest and receive return up to 12%.

Benefits you get

Buyback guarantee

All loans come with buyback guarantee so the Loan originator will buy back loans in full with accrued interest, if a borrower is over 60 days late. More about buyback guarantee.

Group Guarantee

Group Guarantee together with buyback guarantee works as a double protection for your investments. More about Group guarantee.

Diversify your investment

Divide your funds up across the various loan categories like secured by real estate, leasing, and other types of loans.

Loyalty rewards

Receive up to a 1% loyalty reward depending on the amount of your investments.

Maintain full control

Our clever yet simple Auto Invest will do the work for you. Unless, of course, you prefer investing manually which is also very easy with us.

Start with as little as 10 Eur

We want to bring passive income to everybody so you can start by investing as little as 10 Eur.

We already achieved

3 252 520+

Interest paid to investors, €

279 665 668

Total invested, €

24 919

Number of investors


Average annual investment return

Available loans

€ 10000
€ 332.1

PeerBerry is rated Excellent on Trustpilot | Investors reviews

Okey, honestly I can say that this is one of the best platforms for investing, they are a bit behind the Mintos, but they are getting all the right things done. Pluses: High return rates, Almost all the loans are with buyback, Always there are loans to invest – no cash drag, Great support, Superb autoinvest functionality, Nice and easy to use UI, Loyalty program. Minuses..

Alex Panamarenka

Such a good experience After more than 1 year of testing I can recommend to everyone to use this excellent platform peerberry. You can work worldwide from anywhere.

Gen Mac

Reliable partner for investing I work with the guys for almost a year. Always stable results and good returns. For the convenience of replenishment, please make it possible to deposit money through Apple Pay


I've been investing in Peerberry for over 6 months. The platform is easy to use and is suitable for people who do not have much investment experience. The result so far is quite good. I invest through an automatic strategy, but sometimes I have to use manual investing. My point about manual investing is that you can't invest in multiple loans at the same..