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Why trees

Let’s build a greener environment, a stronger community, and a sense of responsibility.

You trust in us – we plant the trees for your trust in PeerBerry. Together with Treenex, we decided to take action that will bring the world more value and joy. We aim to expand the trees planting initiative to the countries where our business partners operate. Our long-term goal is to plant a tree for each investor who invests in PeerBerry.

PeerBerry trees

Each tree we plant is dedicated to our investors

5 000 trees planted

PeerBerry trees were planted in 2021 in India by the non-profit organization “SayTrees”. This initiative will increase the greenery of the area and will create workplaces for local people, who will take care of planted trees. These forests are completely chemical-fertilizer-free and become self-sustainable after 2 years.

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