PeerBerry has a mission

Let’s make our planet greener together with Treenex!
We aim to plant a tree for each of our investors.

About Treenex

We have already planted

5.000 trees

1 country

– 5 tons of CO2

PeerBerry goals

You trust in us – we plant the trees for your trust in PeerBerry. Together with Treenex, we decided to take action that will bring the world more value and joy. Let’s build a greener environment, a stronger community, and a sense of resposibility. We aim to expand the trees planting initiative to the countries where our business partners operate. Our long-term goal is to plant a tree for each investor who invests in PeerBerry.

About Treenex
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Our impact

We carefully follow up our impact of our mission

Fighting the global warming

Gifting the world more plants, we create a cleaner, greener, and happier place to live in for present and future generations.

Building a socially responsible environment

By planting trees, we build a greener environment, a stronger community, and a higher sense of responsibility.

Helping local organizations

Our tree planting initiative is significant support for local organizations and farmers seeking to save and expand green spaces.

Peerberry trees

Trees in India

5.000 trees planted

Our first planting takes place in one of the driest states of India – Karnataka. Together with Treenex and 40 local farmers PeerBerry is planting 5000 seedings and making a positive social and environmental impact on local rural citizens’ lives by proving education and a sustainable income source. Each tree is dedicated to our investors.

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