27 October 2022
PeerBerry marks five years of operation

This month, PeerBerry marks 5 years of operation.

PeerBerry started offering its services to investors at the end of October 2017. In two years of operation (since January 2020), the platform became the second-largest marketplace in Europe to invest in loans.

PeerBerry in numbers today

Let’s look at the numbers of what was our five-years journey about (data as of 10/27/2022):

  • EUR 1,4 billion – the total amount of funded loans
  • EUR 96,6 million – the total outstanding portfolio
  • EUR 16,3 million – the total amount of interest paid to investors
  • 61 003 the number of verified investors

“We enter the sixth year of operation being strong and with solid numbers. Our team and our business are tested and verified by extraordinary, would even say historical, challenges. Several waves of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine have proven our and our partners’ responsibility towards investors. Responsibility in handling our business and the safety of our investors’ investments will remain the main priorities in our further development,” – states Arūnas Lekavičius, CEO of PeerBerry. 

“PeerBerry is our team, our partners, and our investors. Without any of mentioned parts, PeerBerry would not be what it is today. I want to thank our investors for their partnership and trust in us – our partners, and we will continue putting all our efforts into meeting the expectations of our investors,” – says Arūnas Lekavičius.

PeerBerry growth over 5 years of operations: