30 June 2020
PeerBerry CEO interview with investor Mehmet Kara I P2P market and PeerBerry performance

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Investor Mehmet Kara, who is also representative of the Youtube channel “Investment Academy”, talked to Arūnas Lekavičius, CEO of PeerBerry, about the P2P market and PeerBerry performance.

The video interview covers these topics (video agenda):

0:34 Could you please introduce yourself, what is your professional background and how you became a CEO of PeerBerry?

1:14 What is the company philosophy of PeerBerry?

2:04 What was the key to the success of PeerBerry during the pandemic?

2:48 Recently you added a new loan originator in Vietnam. Responding to what we know about other platforms’ loan originator Cash Wagon in Vietnam, how can you assure that the new loan originators will be stable if you expand to new markets?

3:37 If we have a deep depression in the markets, how is PeerBerry prepared for this?

4:43 If there is a new deep depression in the markets, do you think there will be a second Grupeer case?

6:10 Is it possible to investing from Turkey and why do you have so few investors from this country?

6:38 I am receiving questions from the investors’ community, why are the interest rates on PeerBerry currently so low? Is it the price of stability?