Business partner: Aventus Group
Funded loans
8 732 027
Buyback Guarantee
Group Guarantee
Average interest

About the company

Microfinance organization Credit365 KZ (legal name "Credit365 Kazakhstan") is established in September 2020. The company works in the Kazakhstan market under the license and following local laws and regulations. Credit365 KZ used Aventus Group’s knowledge, experience, and FinTech solutions to successfully launch its operations to provide advanced short-term lending services to Kazakh citizens. Credit365 KZ is an innovative online microcredit service that is convenient, simple, reliable, and secure. By using advanced technology solutions, Credit365 KZ has simplified the process so, that borrowers can get microcredit within only 5 minutes without leaving home. Credit365 KZ loans, offered to PeerBerry investors, are double secured – backed by a buyback guarantee and a Group guarantee.

Founded 2020.09
Employees 60
Joined PeerBerry 2021.06
Loan type Short term
Country global/flags/32×24/kz Created with Sketch. Kazakhstan

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