Credit Plus (KZ)

Group company: Aventus Group
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Loan portfolio
The total amount of the loan portfolio is updated at the beginning of each month.
1 195 852
Funded loans
The total amount of loans, issued by particular loan originator and funded through PeerBerry. Data is being updated every day automatically.
369 496
Buyback Guarantee
A guarantee issued by the loan originator to the investor for a particular loan. The buyback guarantee confirms the loan originator will repurchase the loan from the investor at the nominal value plus accrued interest income if that particular loan is delayed by more than 60 days.
Group Guarantee
A Group guarantee ensures additional protection for your investments. This guarantee is a supplement to the buyback guarantee. More about the Group guarantee.
Average interest
The aggregated average rate of interest for all loans issued by particular loan originator. The average interest figure is being updated every day automatically.
Cumulative issued loans
The total amount of issued loans to borrowers by the loan originator company since launch of the company. This figure is being updated at the beginning of each month.
1 534 125

About the company

Credit Plus KZ is an innovative online lending service provider in Kazakhstan, that does not require visiting the office or providing unnecessary documents. The application takes about 10 minutes only. Credit Plus KZ provides complete transparency – there are no hidden fees or interest. At PeerBerry, Credit Plus KZ offers short-term loans issued for private individuals in Kazakhstan. The amount of loans – up to EUR 280, the maturity – up to 30 days. All loans listed on PeerBerry are fully backed with a buyback guarantee and a Group guarantee.

Founded 2020.03
Employees 59
Joined PeerBerry 2020.07
Loan type Short term
Country global/flags/32×24/kz Created with Sketch. Kazakstan