06 February 2020
New loan originator Zecredit offers to invest in short-term loans with 12,5 % annual return

PeerBerry presets the new opportunity for you to invest in short-term loans, issued by Gofingo company Zecredit (UA).

Offer for you

  • 12,5 % annual return on investment;
  • buyback guarantee;

About Zecredit (UA)

Financial company LLC INVESTRUM is an Ukrainian company founded on 7th June, 2018. The company works under the brand name Zecredit and provides short-term loans for an amount from 20 to 270 Eur for a period of 1 to 30 days with the right to extend the loan term. Empowered by online service advantages, Zecredit provides their clients with the opportunity to get a loan at any time of the day, in just 5 minutes, to any bank account. The company offers the loyalty system – promotional conditions in the form of a reduced interest rate and extension of the term of use. Zecredit operates transparently, building confidence in the represented market segment.

Till end of 2019, the company has issued 58 630 loans for a total amount of 3 810 189 Eur.

Total company incomes for the end of January 31st 2020 – 1 110 148 Eur.

  • Active loan portfolio at the end of January 31st 2020 amounted 1 820 885 Eur.
  • Total number of loans issued till the end of January 31st 2020 – 78 877.
  • Total loan amount – 5 110 142 Eur.

Company website

About Gofingo Group

Gofingo is one of PeerBerry business partners with almost 15% share of loans listed on PeerBerry.
Gofingo is privately owned holding company of different consumer and business loan providers profitably operating since 2015. In 2018 Gofingo started expanding globally and in addition to Czech Republic, Lithuania, Kazakhstan and Ukraine opened businesses in Philippines and Russia.
All loan providers operate as separate entities, united through shared stakeholders and strong focus towards innovative FinTech solutions as well as big data analysis for effective risk management.
Gofingo stakeholders have over 20 years of proven track record in banking and lending. Their vision and passion for state of art FinTech, highest quality customer service, lifetime learning and full transparency are shared across all Gofingo companies starting with senior management and employees, all the way to their customers. More information here.