08 June 2021
In 2020, PeerBerry's business partner Credit7 UA earned EUR 0,9 million in net audited profit

In 2020, PeerBerry’s business partner in Ukraine Credit7 earned EUR 906 372 in net audited profit. In a couple of years of operation, the Credit7 has become one of the most successful companies among Ukrainian non-banking market players.

Key figures of Credit 7 UA (Lineura Ukraine, LLC)

  • Net audited profit EUR 906 372
  • Total assets EUR 6 168 810
  • Equity EUR  201 499
  • Liabilities EUR  3 852 731 

The company is established in 2019.

The Credit7 UA financial statements 2020 prepared in accordance with the IFRS can be found here

“The key elements of Credit7’s success are the speed in adjusting the business to changes, the well-coordinated work of IT and the business team, and a high level of involvement of each employee’ – says Andrey Pshenichniy, CEO of Credit 7 in Ukraine.

“Today, the financial market of Ukraine is very competitive -saturated with competing companies. The local regulator represented by the NBU imposes strict requirements on market participants and we see it as a big plus for the entire market sustainability. Last year Credit7 UA entered the TOP 10 of best-performing microfinance companies in the Ukrainian market, which we are very proud of” – explains A. Pshenichniy.

This year, the Credit7 team celebrated a 2-year birthday. Currently, Credit7 employs 201 employees.

Credit7 UA specializes in short-term loans with a loan term of up to 30 days and a lending limit for borrowers up to 350 EUR. The company provides comfortable conditions to apply for the loan – the decision is made within 7 minutes, and full transparency for customers of the conditions – no hidden fees and obscure payments.

Credit 7 UA was recently awarded in the “FinAwards 2021” (Kiev, Ukraine) as one of the most efficient companies in the marketing category. More information about these awards can be found here.

Credit7 UA is actively involved in charitable activities in Ukraine. PeerBerry’s business partners in Ukraine support organizations that care for seriously ill children. Ukrainian companies that work under the Aventus Group brand in 2020 donated EUR 180 000 for children, who have been diagnosed with cancer and other serious diseases.   

Supported organizations in Ukraine:



Visit Credit7 UA on https://www.credit7.ua/