26 July 2021
In 2020, PeerBerry earned a net profit of EUR 142 174

2020 was a successful year for PeerBerry. None of the PeerBerry business partners faced any operational or financial difficulties during the pandemic year. Together with partners, PeerBerry has fulfilled all obligations flawlessly and met all the expectations of PeerBerry investors.

In 2020, PeerBerry earned a net profit of EUR 142 174 – half less than in 2019, when the platform’s net profit was EUR 284 550.

„Last year, we dedicated significant effort into PeerBerry becoming a fully regulated entity. We were focused on the overall improvements of the platform, as well on the development of the PeerBerry mobile application. Investments into our progress have led to a decline in our net profits in 2020, but our greatest profits are happy investors and their better experience on the platform“ – comments Arūnas Lekavičius, CEO of PeerBerry.

It is important to note that PeerBerry’s only revenue is a commission received from business partners. PeerBerry does not charge any fees and has no other sources of income.

PeerBerry’s portfolio grew by 46% last year and at the end of 2020 amounted to EUR 30.88 million. Currently, PeerBerry’s portfolio amounts to EUR 60 million.

The number of PeerBerry clients grew by 74% last year – to 29 571 clients at the end of 2020. Currently, PeerBerry has more than 40 000 clients.

In 2020, the number of PeerBerry team members remained stable – PeerBerry is represented by 10 employees. Some of the works related to PeerBerry activities are outsourced. This helps ensure the smooth operations of the platform.

The liabilities of PeerBerry’s business partners to investors amounted to EUR 30,9 million at the end of 2020.

We invite you to review PeerBerry Annual Report 2020 here.