22 March 2020
Important adjustments to ensure PeerBerry investors protection

In response to recent developments in international markets, PeerBery and its partners made following adjustments in business strategy on purpose to maintain business sustainability and to ensure investors protection:

  • Loan originators have reviewed and tightened risk management process accordingly to the situation of the country, where particular loan originator operates.
  • PeerBerry business partners have reviewed their business plans for new loans issuing in the nearest future and made necessary adjustments.
  • Aventus Group and Gofingo Group have increased the reserve of cash, which was accumulated all the time in case of need to cover more withdrawals to investors in the short time.
  • Aventus Group and Gofingo Group took responsible decision to apply an additional Group guarantee to all loans issued by Aventus Group and Gofingo Group to enhance an additional investments security for PeerBerry investors.
  • Due to quarantine, all business operations were smoothly relocated to the remote work.

Due to the increased uncertainty caused by Covid-19, some increase in withdrawals is a very likely and normal reaction. However, it is encouraging that new investors are joining PeerBerry and existing clients are expanding their portfolios.

Today we are a family of more than 20 000 investors. Huge thanks to each of you of being a significant part of our business.

Numbers of investors 20 000+

More about Aventus Group adjustments in risks management at read in our Blog https://peerberry.com/blog/aventus-group-risk-management-is-a-key-for-sustainable-business/