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What do different settings of the Manual Invest mean?

Available amount – remaining available loan amount investor prefers to invest in.

Country – the country in which the lending company operates.

Exclude my investments – option to exclude investments that might have already been completed by your Auto Invest strategy/strategies.

Group guarantee – filter allowing you to sort out those available loans only, where group guarantee is applied (please note that the Buyback guarantee is applied to all loans on the platform).

ID – available for investment loan ID.

Interest rate – annual interest (%).

Issue date – the date when the loan was issued on the platform.

Loan originators – lending companies that offer to invest in issued loans.

Loan type – defines the duration and purpose of the loan. PeerBerry offers to invest in short, long, leasing, real estate, and business loans. More information about the loan types offered may be found here.

Low balance – this notification means that your balance currently is lower than the amount you have intended to invest in a loan. You shall refresh the page to have the information updated.

My saved filters – option to select and save preferred filters (maximum 10) to conveniently sort out available loans when investing manually.

Remaining term in days – the duration of the loan in which the investor prefers to invest in.

The loan available amount is less than the investment amount – this notification appears when the amount you have intended to invest in a loan exceeds the remaining available investment amount. You shall refresh the page to have the information updated.

Please note that 10% of listed loans are reserved for manual investment, and 90% of loans are dedicated for automatic investment.

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