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What are the loan types offered?

PeerBerry offers to invest in short, long, leasing, real estate, and business loans.

Short-term and long-term loans are private consumer loans. The term of short-term loans may be up to 120 days. Most short-term loans are up to 30 days long. The term of long-term loans is from 120 days to 4 years.

Leasing loans are car loans issued to individuals, which may have a remaining term from 3 months to 3 years.

Real estate loans offer to invest in various real estate projects, with the remaining term of 1-2 years.

Business loans allow benefiting from investments into different business development projects (for example, renewable energy businesses), with the remaining term from 90 days to up to a few years.

Please note that property-backed loans (like real estate and renewable energy loans) on the PeerBerry platform may be listed in several/separate loans per project. Consider this before deciding what amount you want to invest in a single project.

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