29 October 2020
Buyback Guarantee | P2P Empire talk with the CEO of PeerBerry - Arunas Lekavicius

We invite you to watch the latest P2P Empire talk with the CEO of PeerBerry – Arunas Lekavicius, which explains in detail how the buyback guarantee protects investors’ investments and answers many other questions of investors.

The interview is held in English.

🔎 Look up all the answers in the timestamps below:

0:00 Intro

0:46 How does PeerBerry’s buyback guarantee work?

1:23 Does the buyback guarantee cover accrued interest and late payment fees?

1:43 Are all loan originators providing the same guarantee?

1:56 Which loan originator uses the buyback guarantee the most?

2:19 What is the group guarantee?

3:35 How was the group guarantee enforced?

4:28 Does the loan originator have the right to access the borrower’s income?

5:20 Is PeerBerry offering a provision fund?

6:53 Will PeerBerry introduce loan originator ratings?

7:51 Are the financial statements translated in English and are they audited?

8:50 What is the connection between PeerBerry, Aventus Group, and Gofingo?

10:20 Who are the owners of Aventus Group and Gofingo?

11:42 What’s the impact of the second COVID wave on the lending business?

13:31 How does PeerBerry protect your investments against currency risks?

14:20 What’s PeerBerry’s take on the decrease of current loans from individual loan originators?

15:36 Shall we expect cash drag in the near future?

16:36 Why are some investments delayed for just one day?

17:51 Why does PeerBerry keep investor’s funds in the balance sheet?

18:28 Why is PeerBerry’s financial report not audited by one of the largest auditing firms?

19:26 How does PeerBerry store investors’ money?

19:55 Is PeerBerry planning to provide dedicated IBAN accounts?

20:47 PeerBerry’s recruitment process explained

23:16 What’s the role of Aventus Capital UAB?

24:34 How will the investment firm license impact investors?

26:49 Is PeerBerry planning to provide its services for non-European investors?

28:20 How many investors are part of the silver, gold, and platinum loyalty program?

29:44 What’s the plan for the next six months?

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer.