12 December 2019
Aventus Group lending volumes grew up by more than two times in November 2019

The main PeerBerry partner Aventus Group continue showing double growth in lending volumes.

In November 2019, Aventus Group companies issued loans worth 21,41 million Eur – it is 2,47 times more than in November 2018, when 8,67 million Eur were issued.

191 174 units of credits (including credits with prolongations) were issued in November 2019 – 2,48 times more in comparison with November 2018, when 76 987 units of loans were issued.

Net interest income of Aventus Group companies amounted 6,58 million Eur over the past month. It is 2,47 times more in comparison with the same period last year – at the end of November 2018 net interest income of the Group amounted 2,47 million Eur.

In November this year record sales were achieved by Aventus Group companies in Ukraine.

Ukrainian company Slon Credit achieved great results with long-term loan project. Slon Credit was the first company, which has offered long-term loans in Ukrainian market. In November 2019 Aventus Group actively developed a branch network of leasing companies in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Russia. The goal of the Group – to be present in the main cities of these countries in 2020 and to make our services available to the maximum number of potential customers.