Who we are
About PeerBerry
PeerBerry is one of the largest and best-performing marketplaces to invest in loans with easy-to-use cutting-edge investment tools in place. Our clients are the cornerstone of our business and our assets. A strong focus on investors’ expectations, high level of risk management, and innovativeness led us to become one of the most trustful and respectful investment platforms in Europe. We strongly believe that passive income guarantees a stable economy and a better lifestyle. Our mission is to bring passive income to everyone.
PeerBerry history
PeerBerry was founded in 2017 by Aventus Group – one of the largest non-banking lending groups operating in European, Asian, and African countries since 2009. Since the beginning of PeerBerry’s operations, our investors have never had any losses. We have not had any defaulted business partners. A strong and responsible business partnership has proven that PeerBerry is the best performing platform both – during the pandemic and the war in Ukraine.
Client-centric approach
Building trust
Our clients are at the center of our development strategy. We build trust from secure and efficient infrastructure and trustworthy business partners through transparency with investors, customer service, and no hidden fees or small print.
Cutting-edge technology
We continuously invest in the most modern IT solutions and infrastructure to simplify processes and tools, so you find investing easy and efficient
Sharing our expertise
With over 10 years of experience in banking, non-banking lending, investment, and risk management sectors, we are open to sharing our knowledge and applying high-level standards to protect your investments.
Our team
Arūnas Lekavičius
15+ years of experience in the financial industry in Scandinavian banks and Fintech. A proven track record in business management and risk management, driving profitability and managing the overall operations of the company.
Rita Simanavičiūtė
Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
20+ years of experience in strategic marketing and communications, public affairs, reputation management, growth management, including crisis and change management. 17 years of my career I dedicated to Scandinavian and Baltic banks, leading marketing teams to achieve business goals. My experience portfolio covers such global brands and projects as American Express cards launch and handling the transformation when adopting the euro in Lithuania.
Tadas Bulota
Lawyer / Compliance Officer
Founder of Bulota Legal and In-House Lawyer at PeerBerry with a demonstrated history of working in the legal services industry. Skilled in Corporate Law, Immigration Law, Tax Law, FinTech, International Law, and IP Law. Strong international background with a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in International and Transnational Law from Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology. Certified in Copyright from Harvard Law School. Certified AML Specialist and Member of ACAMS.
Viktar Kamiahin
In-house CTO at PeerBerry, business and team-oriented experienced Senior Software Engineer with over 15+ years of software development in FinTech, AdTech, Travel, and e-commerce industry. Strong understanding of all phases of the Software Development Lifecycle.
Anna Naumenko
IT & Product Development Manager
An experienced Quality Assurance Engineer and product developer who keeps hands on the improvements in the PeerBerry system and the app development and covers the UX/UI field.
Kotryna Dovgialaitė
Head of Client Support
Kotryna gained a broad cross-cultural experience in the client support field while working in different industries. Kotryna’s professionalism allows us to ensure a fast response to each client and keep a high level of client support quality.
Brigita Mociūtė
Operations Manager
8+ years of experience in client support and process management, dealing with private and business clients in the tech and manufacturing industries. At PeerBerry, Brigita handles all the operations-related processes.
Mantė Knystautaitė
Operations Manager
Before joining the PeerBerry team, Mantė gained customer service experience in sales and was appointed to a higher position to supervise the work of the sales team. At PeerBerry, Mantė supports all the operations-related processes.