23 February 2023
Czech lender PůjčkaPlus joins the PeerBerry platform

PeerBerry and its partner Aventus Group continue a strategy to diversify the business by country and bring more diversity to investors. Today, the Czech lender PůjčkaPlus joins the PeerBerry platform. 

The company issues short-term non-bank loans with an average amount of around EUR 300. PůjčkaPlus pays much attention to service innovation and reliable relations with customers. The company lends following the provisions of responsible lending. The Czech National Bank supervises PůjčkaPlus activities.

On PeerBerry, PůjčkaPlus offers investments in short-term loans with a 10,5% annual return. PůjčkaPlus loans include a buyback and a group guarantee. 

To date, the PůjčkaPlus portfolio amounts to over EUR 100 000, the company’s website – https://pujckaplus.cz/

The first PůjčkaPlus loans will be offered to our investors today. At the beginning of the partnership, Czech loans will be available on the PeerBerry platform a few times a week.

Make sure to include PůjčkaPlus in your Auto Invest strategies if these loans meet your investment strategy.