09 January 2020
LA OFERTA NUEVA - gane hasta los 13% invirtiendo en los préstamos del arrendamiento

PeerBerry presets new profitable and well secured opportunity for car lease investment, offered by Aventus Group company Autofinance (BY).

Offer for you

  • up to 13 % annual return on investment;
  • buyback guarantee;
  • La garantía del Grupo

About Autofinance (BY)

Autofinance (BY) is a car leasing company launched in Belarus in 10th June 2019. The company is headed by the team with more than 10 years of experience in leasing industry.

Autofinance (BY) provides car leasing and leaseback services for individuals in the Republic of Belarus. Providing high level quality services, the company aims to increase its market share and to offer new leasing solutions that will best meet the needs of clients.

Leasing conditions offered for the clients: currency of financing BYN, advance payment from 15% – 40%, leasing terms from 12 to 84 months.

Despite being quite new on the market, the company is successfully growing its client portfolio and already demonstrating good performance.

Key figures of Autofinance (BY) at the end of 2019: amount of issued loans – 100 330 Eur; revenue – 3106 Eur; active portfolio – 98 776 Eur.

More about Autofinance (BY) https://autofinance.by/.

About Aventus Group

Aventus Group is the main PeerBerry partner. The majority of loan originators at PeerBerry platform are companies which work under Aventus Group name.

Aventus Group companies successfully run business in 13 countries. By combining client-centric approach, risk management and innovations Aventus Group makes borrowing faster, easier and hustle-free in countries where traditional financing tools are either expensive or hard to come by. Successfully operating for more than 10 years, the Group is seeking to expand business in European and Asian markets by increasing market share, introducing new products and expanding geographically.