02 September 2020
New PeerBerry business partner Nado Deneg offers loans with 10% ROI

On September 2, PeerBerry expanded the network of business partners by adding a new loan originator Nado Deneg – Aventus Group company in St. Petersburg, Russia. Nado Deneg offers PeerBerry investors to invest in short-term loans with a 10% annual return on investment. Loans are double secured – fully backed with a buyback guarantee and the Group guarantee.

Currently, the Nado Deneg loan portfolio amounts to 140 651 Eur. Cumulative issued loans – 151 994 Eur. At Nado Deneg currently, work 10 employees.

“St. Petersburg, as a region of a huge market in Russia, was included in the Aventus Group business map last year. Nado Deneg is a company established in the middle of 2019. However, obtaining a license to carry out a lending business is a rather long process, so the actual activities of the company started only this year. During the quarantine, this spring, the company was monitoring the situation in the region. Aventus Group’s management has always responsibly assessed the business risks posed by the pandemic. Currently, we see that businesses in different markets are adapted to changed circumstances, PeerBerry business partners are demonstrating excellent risk management and good performance results. The situation is managed well, therefore we present new investment opportunities to our investors” – explains Arūnas Lekavičius, CEO of PeerBerry.

Nado Deneg short-term loans to PeerBerry investors will be available on the platform from September 2nd.

The website of the loan originator www.nadodeneg.ru.