11 September 2020
New loan originator Credit 7 RU offers loans with 10% ROI

On September 11, PeerBerry added new loan originator Credit 7 RU – the Aventus Group company which operates in the Russian Federation since the beginning of 2020. Credit 7 RU offers PeerBerry investors to invest in short-term loans with a 10% annual return on investment. Loans are double secured – fully backed with a buyback guarantee and the Group guarantee.

Currently, the Credit 7 RU loan portfolio amounts to 167 825 Eur. Cumulative issued loans – 385 197 Eur. At Credit 7 RU currently, work 10 employees.

“The business of our main partner Aventus Group in the Russian market is effectively diversified, directing the activities of separate companies of the group to different regions of Russia. The group company Credit 7 RU has already managed to demonstrate a smooth start of operations. The trend of the company’s results shows positive and consistent growth, so we signed a partnership agreement with this partner and offer Credit 7 loans to our investors” – comments Arūnas Lekavičius, CEO of PeerBerry.

Credit 7 RU short-term loans are scheduled to be available to investors on the PeerBerry platform from September 11th.

The website of the loan originator www.creditseven.ru.