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What is Auto Invest and how does it work?

Auto Invest automatically implements your chosen investment strategy. After you have entered your investment criteria, Auto Invest will automatically invest in suitable loans. You can access Auto Invest at any time and follow your portfolio activity in real time to make sure it is working according to your investment goals. Auto Invest is a very efficient tool for saving time spent on investing activities. You can pause or cancel Auto Invest at any time.

In general Auto Invest work is based on a queuing system. Every 10 minutes new active strategies with available uninvested amount are added into auto invest strategies queue. After that the logic works upon FIFO method – first strategies added into the queue are first taken from it to fulfil. Auto Invest reviews loans listings and invests funds in loans that meet strategy’s preferences. After that the other strategy is taken from the queue for fulfilment. If the queue of Auto Invest is big, it takes more time than usual to invest and you could see uninvested money in your account.

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