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Settings of Auto Invest

Portfolio size – all amount of funds which investor prefers to invest using Auto Invest strategy.

The maximum investment in one loan – the maximum amount of money, investor prefers to invest in one loan.

Interest rate – annual interest (%).

Remaining loan term (loans) – the duration of the loan which investor prefers to invest in.

Remaining principal amount – the remaining (unsold) amount of listed loan investor prefers to invest in.

Minimum funds in the account – the amount of money investor prefers to keep in the account (do not invest).

Loan status – current or late. Current means that the investment is active, not finished yet. Late loan means that loan is overdue. Please bear in mind, that overdue loans generate the same interest per annum and are counting for all delayed periods – till the borrower makes a repayment or till the loan originator executes buyback, depending on what happens first.

Country – the investor can select countries in which loans are issued.

Loan originator – the investor can select their loans to invest in.

Buyback guarantee – the buyback guarantee is the loan originator’s obligation to exercise a buyback of the claim at the end of 60 days of delay.

Do you want to reinvest – all available funds which you receive after the investment will be reinvested in available loans according to the current Auto Invest strategy.

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