13 February 2023
Most recent updates on the PeerBerry platform

To ensure a better experience for our investors on our platform, we constantly investigate what to improve and implement various updates.

Today we are releasing several updates, the main of which are related to AutoInvest and the user experience on the PeerBerry app.

Adjustments in AutoInvest

Our investigation has shown that an excessive amount of AutoInvest strategies creates an overload on the AutoInvest tool and harms the efficiency of AutoInvest. For this reason, we introduced a limit of up to 15 active AutoInvest strategies, which is fully enough to satisfy the needs of all investors. Usually, 1-2 AutoInvest strategies are enough for many investors.

If you have more than 15 active AutoInvest strategies, please review them and leave only the most relevant to you. Please deactivate a part of your active AutoInvest strategies that are less relevant to you and exceed the limit of 15 strategies. Those strategies that exceed the limit and are not performing will be automatically removed step-by-step.

Please note that you can create one AutoInvest strategy that includes broad parameters or create separate AutoInvest strategies by setting different parameters according to countries and loan originators and also by setting different portfolio sizes.

Please keep in mind that the demand for short-term loans is very high on the PeerBerry platform, and short-term loans are being sold quickly. It is recommended to combine manual investing next to AutoInvest to invest funds more effectively.

Updates on the PeerBerry app

A Help section was added in the PeerBerry app (Profile section). From now, the same as on the PeerBerry website, you can access all information you may need in one place in the app.

With this app update release, the password change flow has also been updated, and other minor improvements have been made to the app.

If you want to consult about your AutoInvest strategies or about using the app, please get in touch with our Client Support.