14 January 2020
Tips on how to create an effective Auto Invest strategy

Investing in loans on PeerBerry is very simple. You can do it in two ways:

  • manually – by filtering available loans on the platform. It is very easy with us;
  • or by using our clever Auto Invest tool. It will fully automate the investment process.

In both ways you can maintain full control of your investments.  But we suggest using Auto Invest – it will save your time and do the work for you.

We have prepared a video for you, which will help you to create an effective Auto Invest strategy and avoid most common mistakes.

Special thanks to our client Ido Shkedi for valuable insights producing this video!

Enjoy watching! Please leave your comment if you find it useful. Share your opinion, what tips and advices you would like to hear from us in the future.

Create your own Auto Invest strategy

Set your own investment criteria and fully automate the investment process by following these steps:

  • click Auto Invest in the top menu on your computer or in the corner menu on your mobile phone;
  • name your strategy – enter the title of your strategy in the row Portfolio name;
  • the Portfolio size field determines how much of your account balance can be used for this investment strategy. When you deposit more funds to PeerBerry, remember to edit your Auto Invest strategy to increase the Portfolio Size. You can also set a size larger than your current account balance, to prepare for future deposits;
  • the efficient amount for Maximum investment in one loan depends on the amount you have in your account. For example, if you are going to invest 5000 Eur, 100 eur would work fine.

Next 2 settings are very important. It defines loan duration, which means after what time you will get your investment back and the interest rate, it means how much you will earn from it:

  • In the row Interest rate set up for instance 10.5 – 14 % interest rate. In such a case Auto Invest will pick up loans with specified interest rate;
  • If you are interested in the short-term loans, simply choose up to 2 months, however if you prefer the long-term investments, pick the duration of 2 month or more. Set this up in the field Remaining loan term;
  • the field Remaining principal amount shows an unsold amount of listed loan investor prefers to invest in. For example, if you set your Auto Invest parameters of Remaining principal amount by 100.00 Eur, this Auto Invest strategy will search only those listed loans, which unsold amount is equal or more than 100.00 Eur. That means, if there are loans with unsold amount of 80.00 EUR, Auto Invest will skip those loans. If it is not important for you, what amount is unsold in listed loan, this parameter could be not specified in your Auto Invest strategy; 
  • Minimum funds in account is the amount of money investor prefers to keep in his account and do not invest. If you think you might need to withdraw some money from your account soon, to ensure this option you can simply enter here the amount, you might need in the short future;
  • In the row Loan status you can choose current or late loans. Late loans are quite rare in our platform, so in the most cases our clients choose current loans;
  • In the field Country we highly recommend choose all countries and loan originators. If you decide to choose all countries too – leave this row blank. This option assures the best chances to find all the loans in accordance to previous settings.
  • you can leave the row Buyback guarantee not selected, because all recent loans listed on PeerBerry are secured with buyback guarantee;
  • choose Reinvest if you want the funds from loan repayments to be reinvested using the same strategy. If you plan to withdraw some money – leave this option inactive.
  • to start your investment journey, press the Save and activate button.

Let’s’ get in touch if you have some questions or need some more information.

How does Auto Invest work

Auto Invest works based on a queuing system. Every 10 minutes new active strategies with available uninvested amount are added into Auto Invest strategies queue.

After that the logic works upon FIFO method – first strategies added into the queue are first taken from it to fulfill. Auto Invest reviews loans listings and invests funds in loans that meet strategy’s preferences.

After that the other strategy is taken from the queue for fulfillment. If the queue of Auto Invest is big, it takes for a while to invest and you can see uninvested money in your account.

The order in which the strategies are put into the queue determines the creation/update time.

Let’s’ get in touch if you have some questions or need some more information.