02 September 2019
Higher earnings - a way of expressing our gratitude to our clients

Loan originators adjust interest rates for investments in loans according to the changes in international markets. Comparing the conditions of different P2P market players you can see that interest rates offered for investing in loans on PeerBerry platform are higher than average offered entire the alternative investment sector. By becoming a member of PeerBerry Loyalty Program you can earn even higher interest rate on your investments.

“Depending on the amount our client has invested, he or she will be assigned to the loyalty category which gives the return from +0.5% to 1% on clients future investments” – how the loyalty benefits work explains Rasa Paškauskaitė, Customer Care Manager of PeerBerry.

According to conditions of PeerBerry Loyalty Program, the client should be an investor on PeerBerry for more than 90 days and clients’ active investment portfolio should amount 10 000 Eur or more.

PeerBerry Loyalty Program is one of ways of showing extra attention and expressing our gratitude to our most loyal customers.

Rasa Paškauskaite

“We offer three categories of Loyalty Program: Silver, Gold and Platinum, which accordingly are applied starting from 10 000 Eur, 25 000 Eur and 40 000 Eur amount of active investment portfolio of each category. Depending on the loyalty category, our clients are receiving from +0,5% to +1% bonus interest rate for future investment” – says Rasa Paškauskaitė.

Active clients’ investment portfolio is meant by clients’ investments and current balance summed.

“The calculation of Loyalty Program bonus interest rate happens automatically by the end of each month and the updates appears on clients’ account at the beginning of the next month” – how often do the Loyalty Program updates appear on clients’ PeerBerry account explains Rasa Paškauskaitė.

More information about PeerBerry Loyalty Program can be found here.